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When it comes to well-being, our body, mind, spirit and soul are inseparable.

Disharmony within any of these areas can cause blockages and stagnation which means that our natural energy cannot adequately nourish our cells, tissues or organs. Obstacles to energy flow affect our general health and our body s ability to heal itself.

Utdannelse, kurs, erfaring

Renzo Celani is a powerful natural energy healer and medical intuitive who holistically treats an individual person and also animals in all of these essential aspects of our being to help re-establish harmony and balance in our bodies, and importantly in our emotions too.

Andre opplysninger

Spiritual intuitive, Medical intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient
Klarsynt, Klarhørt.
Animal Communicator, Horsewhisperer, Dyrekommunikasjon, Hestehvisker.

Look him up on www.renzocelani.com (lenke ovenfor) to get in contact with him for a Face to face healing session, a remote healing, or an animal healing session.

Org. nr: : 996 276 341

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    Renzo Celani

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    992 67 023

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    Syverudveien 140

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